Our Story

I’m Scott, a full-time firefighter, and my wife Erin is a former nurse. We’re proud to be in the business of providing unique apparel to fire departments across the nation.

Our story began in the winter of 2007 after being blessed with our first child. While beginning to adjust to parenthood, we realized that our work schedules overlapped for several hours most mornings. Neither of our families lived close enough to help with childcare, so we began considering our options. After much prayer, we decided to take a leap of faith in which Erin left her career as a nurse to launch a home-based embroidery business.

At its inception, our new business was designed to meet the increasing demand for custom-made infant and toddler clothing. The business began to grow, but not as quickly as we had hoped or planned. God was faithful to provide for our every need, but there was just enough income each month to cover the necessities. Doubts began to creep in: Had we made the right decision? Had we placed our family at risk by being too optimistic about our new business’s potential? Looking back, we can see God’s hand in the process. He knew that in order to be successful, we needed to appreciate every customer. We realized that earning a new customer was a privilege, and we sincerely valued each one.

While our business was growing, we began to look for training opportunities to enhance our embroidery skills and capabilities. Since I have worn hats most of my life and am rarely seen without one, I started embroidering hats to wear while on duty. When I would wear the embroidered hats, my brothers and sisters on the job would often compliment me on them. These compliments were usually followed by the question, “Where did you get that?” When I shared that I had made it, there was frequently a request for me to make them one as well, and I gladly did.

Over the next few years, our business continued to experience steady growth. Customers from coast to coast were ordering customized clothing for their young children. At the same time, it became apparent that our custom fire department hats were also in high demand. Our reputation for excellent customer service and superior quality quickly spread throughout local fire departments. We soon found ourselves facing a tough decision: our business was growing in both markets, but we could no longer manage the volume of orders that each was producing. Again, we prayerfully weighed our options, and after careful consideration, we both felt a peace about focusing all our efforts on making hats that represent the pride felt by the men and women in fire service.

In 2011, Elite Fire Apparel was born, and today we are in awe of the growth we have been blessed with as well as the meaningful relationships we have formed with our loyal customers. We have been privileged to establish a dedicated team of employees who are committed to serving each client, and though our business volume and product offering has greatly increased in recent years, the guiding principles that made our success possible are the same today as they were in our humble beginnings. Honesty, integrity, appreciation, and respect are the foundation of Elite Fire Apparel and the reason we continue to gain new customers every day. We find joy in helping others show pride for their company in their own unique way.