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We are proud to be a firefighter-owned business that values the unique bond between firefighter and Fire Company. Though you can walk into any embroidery store and select from "ready-to-go" generic fire department designs, this is not who we are or what we desire to do.  We desire to give you more. Your identity as a firefighter is strongly tied to your fire company and each fire company is unique. We understand this. This is why we are here to provide fire apparel representative of your membership in the brotherhood of your specific fire company. YOUR PRIDE. OUR PASSION.  


When it comes to quality and customer service, Elite Fire Apparel consistently outperforms the competition. We offer in-house, full-service embroidery and design development. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail keeps customers coming back for more. We have an experienced production crew that excels in advanced techniques. We spend countless hours researching the best brands, products and styles on the market. We offer a simple, straight forward approach to quoting. Our team strives to exceed your expectations. We don't cut corners. Ever. Give us a shot!


We have worked hard to develop processes that work best for our valued customers. Throughout our website, you will find products that are "tried and true". We've come up with embroidery design concepts that can easily be customized. You can search by brand, hat style, embroidery design concept or product type. Once you find an item that interests you, you can easily make it your own by choosing the product color, entering your specific design details, choosing thread colors, and picking and choosing design elements to keep or omit for your desired look. If you have a design concept in mind that you don't see or if you have a custom request, you can contact us for a quote.


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